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By on 28 October, 2012

After ‘Casino Royale‘ and ‘Quantum of Solace‘, many were wondering whether the dark storylines were going to set the scene for the franchise going forward, especially since a grittier side of James Bond was beginning to take over. Thankfully,   ‘SKYFALL‘ brings back a more familiar Bond to the masses, and the story also takes 007 back to his roots!



Daniel Craig – James Bond
Dame Judi Dench – M
Javier Bardem – Silva
Naomie Harris – Eve
Bérénice Marlohe – Sévérine
Ralph Fiennes – Gareth Mallory
Albert Finney – Kincade
Ben Whishaw – Q
Ola Rapace – Patrice
Rory Kinnear – Tanner


Directed by Sam Mendes, the story begins with the obligatory scene where James Bond (Craig) chases the enemy for information, but in this case MI6’s finest agent is in pursuit of a hard drive containing the identities and locations of active secret service agents in and around the world. Agent Eve (Harris) has been tasked with helping Bond to retrieve the stolen information, and is soon confronted with a difficult choice whether to shoot at the enemy as he fights with Bond precariously on top of a moving train. After being the order to “take the bloody shot” by ‘M‘ (Dench) she ends up shooting Bond instead of Patrice (Rapace) and the enemy escapes.


Naomie Harris as Agent Eve in SKYFALL - Review - The Latest Entertainment News Today

Dame Judi Dench as M in SKYFALL - Review - The Latest Entertainment News Today


As the plot continues, ‘M‘ soon discovers that she is the reason why a spate of killings are taking place, and eventually re-enlists a tired and an demotivated 007 to help her find information on why the list of secret service agents was stolen, and to retrieve it before any further killings take place. What Bond is not prepared for is that the man behind the revenge campaign, who is called Silva (Bardem), has a lot more in common with him than he initially thought.

He knows that Silva will stop at nothing until his revenge is complete, so who will complete their mission first? Bond or Silva? It’s a race to the bitter end!


Daniel Craig as James Bond, Javier Bardem as Silva in SKYFALL - Review - The Latest Entertainment News Today


SKYFALL‘ is a far cry from the previous two movies. In ‘Casino Royale‘ we see why James Bond could never truly get close to any of the Bond girls he’s met during his missions, and ‘Quantum of Solace‘ was supposedly closing off the story completely – a sequel, in effect. In ‘SKYFALL‘ we see a much more humorous side to Bond, and a return to the double entendres (but not overdone) and a much more flirtatious Bond – whilst still maintaining an edge that only Daniel Craig can seamlessly bring over. We also see the return of (Whishaw) and with that the classic Aston Martin DB5 equipped with the much-loved gadgets! Don’t worry, there are no camouflaging cars in this movie.


Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 in SKYFALL - Review - The Latest Entertainment News Today


Kudos goes to Dame Judi Dench as being such a major character in the plot, we got to see a lot more of what could do, her vulnerabilities and the woman she is underneath the boss exterior.

Adele‘s title song fits in perfectly in the opening titles sequence and remnants of the track can be heard in the soundtrack.


Have we seen the ultimate James Bond movie here? Yes it has the gadgets, the girls, and edge-of-your-seat action scenes, but it’s not 100% (maybe 99.5%), and this maybe down to a personal view of the whole soundtrack. Yes, we’re seeing a Bond movie being played out on screen, but I can’t help but miss the traditional Bond theme in and amongst some action sequences. I’m not denying there was any reference to the theme at all, but it was used sparingly in this movie. Maybe that could be a good thing going forward?

That said, as a major James Bond fan, this movie is fantastic and features the perfect mix of humour, drama, and action sequences. Perfect casting, and I’m very keen on seeing where the franchise goes from here!


5 out of 5 – despite my personal soundtrack gripes!



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