Crow Denies She Adopted To Boost Her Career!

By on 20 July, 2010

Sheryl Crow has hit back at hateful comments which suggest she adopted her sons in a bid to promote her music career, insisting she only cared about becoming a mother.

The All I Wanna Do hitmaker adopted son Wyatt in 2007 and brought home his brother, Levi, last month. But not everyone is applauding her for becoming a mum in her 40s, as some online critics have suggested the singer/songwriter has used the adoptions to gain publicity and promote her new records.

Crow is now blasting the suggestions, insisting her latest adoption process was a lengthy and testing one, and she tells YOU magazine:

“I don’t usually read what people blog about me but I’ve read some beautiful things about me and adoption and some hateful things. I think people don’t understand: it’s not like you can go to some outlet and pick up a baby because you’ve got a record to promote.

“An adoptive mother goes through more hoops than those people who thoughtlessly become pregnant.

“I had about 10 adoptions fall through last year, so there was a real sense of relief when he (Levi) was mine. It’s a long process and it’s fraught with uncertainty. Another person is carrying a baby and when that baby finally arrives their feelings may have changed.”

Well done, Sheryl!

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