Gibb “Grateful” To Be Alive After Emergency Operation!

By on 28 September, 2010

BEE GEES star Robin Gibb says he’s “grateful” to be alive, after he feared he would die like his twin brother Maurice after undergoing an emergency stomach operation earlier this year.

The Staying Alive singer was hospitalised in August after suffering crippling cramps and he was rushed into the operating theatre for an emergency procedure on his intestine. The same health crisis cost his twin’s life seven years ago, but it was only after the scare that Robin made the connection with his brother’s death.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, he says:

“I didn’t think about Mo (Maurice) until after my emergency. I just got a bit of cramp, and suddenly I was on the operating table. The gastroenterologist told me my intestine was blocked , and was about two hours from bursting.

“Everything went very fast. You realise that however much you don’t think about death – or think that’s for other people – you’re just an organism living from day to day. I’m just grateful I’m here.

“I remember lying on the operating table being determined not to die. I said to the guy when I went in there: ‘You’d better do a good job or I’m coming after you.’ The worst part was wondering: ‘Will I wake up and not be me again? Will there be other complications? Will I be in a coma?”

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