Harris Won’t Claim Legal Action Against Brown!

By on 1 October, 2010


Singer Calvin Harris has slammed rumours he is planning to take legal action against Chris Brown for apparently sampling one of his songs without permission – insisting a lawsuit wouldn’t do any “good”.

The Scottish DJ took to his Twitter.com page this week to rant about the singer’s new track, Yeah 3x, revealing he almost “choked on (his) cornflakes” when he heard the alleged similarities to his own song, I’m Not Alone.

But although Harris is that even though “stealing is stealing, doesn’t matter who you are”, he won’t be taking his complaint to court as he doesn’t want to become tangled in years of expensive litigation.

In a series of posts on his Twitter blog, he writes:

“Stealing is still stealing, doesn’t matter who you are! Because Chris Brown is an international celebrity doesn’t make it OK to rip off a guy from U.K. not many people have heard of… How are you going to call me irrelevant when his brand new song sounds just like my two-year-old song?

“Of course I’m not going to take it to court? What good would that do?! Happy for people to make their own mind up…

“And those saying I’m doing this for publicity, that’s f**king laughable – what I have I got coming out? F**k all! Don’t want or need it.”

It’s a shame when folk start sampling your songs (without your permission), but I can see Harris‘ point on this. Sometimes the hassle’s not worth it.

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