Marquis Defends Scissor Sisters Album Cover.

By on 17 June, 2010

Scissor Sisters star Del Marquis has supported the band’s controversial new record sleeve art, insisting it is a “really classic-looking album cover”.

The group’s latest disc, Night Work, has sparked controversy after the cover shot was revealed as a provocative close-up of a man’s clenched back-side – but guitarist Del Marquis is proud of the artwork.

He tells Digital Spy:

“I knew that it would invoke different responses from different people. We’re a love/hate band – people seem to either veh emently despise us or love us with all their hearts.

“The way someone reacts to it will tell you a lot about that person. People could view it with reactionary homophobia, or they could view it as camp, or high art, or something beautiful. It reminds me of the back of ( The Rolling Stones album) Sticky Fingers actually – it’s a really classic-looking album cover.

“The cover’s been blown up on billboards all over town and it’s really exciting for me to be driving through religiously conservative neighbourhoods and seeing this giant gorgeous clenched man’s a**!”

He’s right…I don’t see anything wrong with it! Could be worse, the person could have been totally naked and shown the front instead of the back. Something to put into perspective.

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