Martin Dines With Homeless Singers!

By on 22 December, 2010

Chris Martin snubbed an aftershow party following a Coldplay charity gig on Monday night, and instead chose to dine with a group of homeless singers!

The band played a show at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool, England to raise awareness of men and women living on the streets in the UK.

They performed with a choir made up of the homeless – and Martin chose to eat with them after the concert rather than attend the official aftershow meal.

A source tells the Daily Star:

“Chris had a load of homeless people singing in a choir for his gig and he thought they were so amazing he wanted to hang out with them after.

“He went backstage, snubbed his celeb dinner and ordered 12 giant pizzas and 25 bags of chips for them all to eat. His security were desperately trying to get him to leave and go back to his dressing room, but he was having none of it.”

Coldplay might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Chris Martin definitely has a heart of gold!

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