PAUL MCCARTNEY’s Next Project.. A Ballet Production?

By on 18 June, 2010

Paul McCartney is to write the score for a top-secret ballet production, and is delighted to be taking part in such a challenging project.

The Beatles star, who turns 68 today (Friday 18Jun 2010), has signed up to create new music for a forthcoming dance show, and he told BBC News:

“I’m interested in doing things I haven’t done before. That offer came up and I love writing music, the two went together and I said, ‘Yeah,’ so I just accept things before I even know what I’m doing.”

McCartney admits the project is still in the planning stage and he doesn’t know when the full production will make its debut:

“I don’t really know that much about it yet.”

Interesting combination… But it’s not the first time he’s dabbled in classical music. Anyone heard of Ecce Cor Meum? Standing Stone? Or even Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Oratorio?

Look them up!

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