Rihanna & Eminem To Record Song Sequel.

By on 18 October, 2010

Eminem and Rihanna are set to thrill fans once again by teaming up to record a sequel to their hit track Love The Way You Lie, according to various reports.

The duo blasted through the charts this year with their powerful duet, in which Eminem raps about domestic violence. Rihanna admitted she “connected” with the song after her experiences with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown – who famously attacked the singer last year.

And now the Bajan star is set to release Love The Way You Lie (Part 2), which tells the female victim’s side of the story and will feature a guest appearance from Eminem.

Rihanna will reportedly sing the lyrics: “Even angels have their wing cut schemes/ And you take that to new extremes/ But you will always be my hero/ Even though you lost your mind.”

Part 2 of the tale, like the original, will be produced by Brit’ Alex Da Kid, and will feature on her forthcoming album, Loud, set to hit the shelves next month!

The question to ask is… do we really need a part 2?

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