Ronson Fears Partying Turns Him Into Tabloid Fodder!

By on 20 August, 2010

Mark Ronson has quit partying over fears his wild lifestyle was turning him into a tabloid mockery.

The Grammy Award-winning superproducer shot to fame working with singer Lily Allen and producing Amy Winehouse‘s global smash hit album Back to Black and he quickly became a regular in the gossip columns with his playboy lifestyle.

Speaking about his concerns, Ronson says:

“I look back at pictures of me from that time, I simply do not recognise myself. I’d go out for a beer after a gig and my photo would be everywhere the next day. I was associated with Amy and Lily Allen because I’d worked with both of them… It must have looked like I was living this vapid lifestyle and just getting wasted every night.”

His notoriety in the press gathered pace when he began dating teen age supermodel Daisy Lowe, 13 years his junior, back in 2008, and the star admits he was eventually forced to re-evaluate his life and take a step out of the spotlight.

He adds:

“Daisy is really sweet, but I look back and realise I was turning into a cliche. At one point, it seemed normal to be in the papers every day. But that’s not normal for me. I’m a DJ and producer, I’m supposed to be one of the indoor kids…

“I’ve scaled back on the smoking and drinking. It’s fun to have a beer but drinking Jack Daniel’s before going on stage is a recipe for disaster.. I don’t miss the partying – I’m getting too much energy from the music I’m making.”

This is an all too familiar trend, where stars have the best intentions to just go out and enjoy themselves, but problem is they forget the photographers who lie in wait for them to slip up. And why shouldn’t they just let their hair down and enjoy themselves? Unfortunately society will never let them have a day off, and without publicity (good or bad) they wouldn’t have a day job!

Continuing from what Mark says, I agree, you don’t need to get trashed to have a great time. For me, it’s definitely the music on the dancefloor that keeps me going!

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