Streisand Convinced Of Lucky Grammy Victory!

By on 16 December, 2010

Barbra Streisand is convinced she has a good chance of picking up a Grammy Award at the upcoming ceremony in February next year…..because she allegedly predicted the nomination 24 years ago!

The singer/actress last won a Grammy Award in 1986, taking home the Best Pop Vocal Female Performance prize for The Broadway Album.

The win was extra special for Streisand because her lucky number is 24 and the ceremony was held on 24 February – and she predicted her next nomination would be 24 years later!

She was nominated as predicted earlier this month, picking up a nod in the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album category for Love Is the Answer, and she hopes her lucky streak will continue at the 53rd Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on 13 February 2011.

Speaking to Larry King, she says:

“Do you know, I love numerology because when I got my last Grammy, it was 24 years ago. I was born on the 24th… I had my son when I was 24. And my lucky number was 24.

“And the day that the Grammys were on, 24 years ago, I really didn’t think I would win against Madonna, Tina Turner, Cindy Lauper… I didn’t think I’d win. Except for the fact that it was February 24th. The day of those Grammys. And I won. For The Broadway album. And I said in that speech, ‘You know, who knows, maybe 24 years from now, I’ll be up for another Grammy’. And here it is, 24 years later.”

Coincidence? Or is it just Grammy giving one final nod in honour of her work over the past few decades?

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