The Sex Pistols Launch Their Own Perfume.

By on 1 September, 2010

The Sex Pistols have joined the likes of the Beckhams, Jennifer Lopez, Carlos Santana and Sean John, by launching their own perfume – reports.

The band has collaborated with Paris perfume company Etat Libre d’Orange to produce the unisex scent,
and comes in packaging based on their ‘God Save The Queen’ single artwork.

The perfume is currently available in France, and launches in selected shops in the US on 10th September. However it is not yet clear whether or not it will be sold in the UK.

The band have not commented on their latest release, but Live Nation Merchandise (who allowed the band’s name to be used by the Parisian perfume company) insisted they were “closely involved” with the launch.

There are also plans to launch a ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ soap later this year.

God Save The Queen? I guess there are worse things they could have slapped on perfume packaging.

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