Universal Loses Eminem Royalty Battle After Appeal!

By on 6 September, 2010

Universal Music execs are facing a multi-million dollar pay out to EMINEM‘s former publishing company after losing an appeal in a long-running legal fight over royalties.

Last year, FBT Productions bosses claimed Universal owed the Stan hitmaker $1.47 million (£980,000) in damages because executives had failed to pay the star for music downloads.

The case was heard in a California court in March 2009, but a judge eventually dismissed FBT‘s argument and ruled in favour of Universal.

The publishing firm’s owners appealed the decision and, on Friday 3rd September, Central District of California court Judge Silverman reversed the previous ruling, declaring Universal bosses will have to pay FBT a substantial amount in compensation, however the exact amount had not been revealed as WENN went to press.

Eminem has not been personally involved in the legal battle.

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