Williams And Barlow Star In Brokeback SPOOF!

By on 12 July, 2010

Former TAKE THAT bandmates Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow are set to poke fun at their turbulent relationship – by filming a spoof of gay cowboy movie ‘Brokeback Mountain‘.

Angels hitmaker Williams has now rejoined the band and is back in the studio to record a new album, 15 years after he left to start his solo career.

The reunited five-piece will release the CD this Christmas before reportedly embarking on a tour next summer…but first they will tease fans with the parody clip.

The promo for ‘Shame‘, co-written by Williams and Barlow, will see the pair likening their friendship to the 2005 romantic drama (which originally starred Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal as forbidden lovers), and a source tells tabloid newspaper The Sun:

“In the song there’s a line about he (Williams) went into Toys R Us and saw the four Take That dolls in a box and realised he felt left out.

“Everything is in place now to formally announce Robbie’s return to Take That for one year only. He will announce his comeback with a public statement. Then he’ll release Shame with Gary.”

Awww. Isn’t it nice when ole friends get back together??

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