BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG Eager To Pen Another Musical!

By on 11 January, 2011


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is already looking towards his next musical project, after enjoying the success of the band’s ‘American Idiot show on Broadway – The New York Times reports.

Armstrong is currently performing as a regular cast member in the hit production, which is based on the rockers’ popular 2004 album of the same name, and he admits he now feels ready to indulge his new-found passion for musical theatre by penning his own show.

He tells the New York Times:

“I think I’d be interested in the future of really getting into writing specifically for a show, that’s something I’d really love to do.

“The kind of music that I like is very immediate and very catchy, and you identify with it quickly, and I try to write that way. And in musical theatre it’s the same thing – you identify with the songs immediately, the good ones anyway.”

Details regarding ‘American Idiot‘ on Broadway can be found here.

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