JACKSON Tribute Concert Promoter Responds To Critics!

By on 25 August, 2011

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The promoter of the special Michael Jackson tribute concert, Chris Hunt, has slammed recent criticisms by suggesting that their opinions were understandable…but ultimately wrong!


In an interview with the BBC, he said:

“The notion that an event which reminds people just how fantastic Michael Jackson was, what a loss he was to the world he is, what a great singer, a great performer he was, should be inappropriate – it doesn’t compute. It doesn’t make sense.

“They were saying that it was a pity that there had not been a big scale, proper tribute to Michael,” the promoter continued. “We began to think, ‘Why don’t we try and do one.’ LaToya was the lead one but there were other family members around as well.”


In reference to reports that other Jackson members were not happy with the gig, Hunt said:

“I don’t wish to be ungenerous to anyone. I have the greatest respect for Jermaine, who I’ve met a number of times. He did a couple of times announce that he was going to organize a concert like this and then wasn’t unable to do so. So I suppose it’s a little understandable.”


Hunt also took this opportunity to state that he isn’t worried too much about the backlash from fans, adding:

“We have the greatest respect for the fans. We’ve been listening to the fans. I think what’s happened is that there’s been a campaign, which some of them have listened to and haven’t heard our responses to it yet. This concert will sell out either very quickly or quickly. We have no worries about it at all.”


The concert, titled Michael Forever Tribute Concert, will take place at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, on 8th October, 2011. It will feature a host of famous performers, including Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Leona Lewis, Smokey Robinson, Craig David, JLS, Beyonce Knowles, Alien Ant Farm and T3.

KISS were dropped from the line-up after Gene Simmons reportedly degraded the late singer in a statement back in 2010.




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