Le Bon’s RIO ‘Banana Suit’ Stolen!

By on 5 January, 2011



DURAN DURAN star Simon Le Bon no longer has the iconic suit he wore in the promo for the band’s hit RIO – it was stolen by a mystery thief!

The group famously danced onboard a yacht in the Caribbean while wearing pastel-coloured Antony Price suits in the music video, which has become one of the most well-known promos in MTV history.

But Le Bon has long since parted with his garish yellow two-piece – it was stolen during the 1990s.

He tells rock Q magazine:

“I haven’t seen that suit for two decades. It got nicked (stolen). That was the ‘banana’ suit. I used to give all my suits names. Some men give their penis a name, I used to name my suits.”


I doubt he’ll ever find it now, since it’s been around 20 years ago :/

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