Lynch Swaps Directing For 3 New Music Albums!

By on 2 February, 2011

Director David Lynch is putting his film career on hold to concentrate on music – he’s working on three new albums!

The ‘Twin Peaks‘ helmer confirmed last year that he had inked a deal with a British independent label to release his first single, Good Day Today. And now it’s emerged Lynch will not be stepping back behind the camera any time soon, especially with three new albums to work on!

Speaking to NME magazine, he says:

“I want to try this avenue for the time being. Not just the dance music world. I’m working on an album with this girl Chrysta Bell. There’s the modern blues album with my friend and engineer Dean (Hurley). And with Angelo (Badalamenti) there’s an album called Thought Gang that we’ve been working on since the ’90s.”

An album with Angelo Badalamenti? Fantastic!

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