Richard Andersone Unleashes An Explosive Night Of Unsigned Talent!

By on 18 May, 2011


In a world of TV talent shows and struggling musicians yearning for their big break, Richard Andersone and his team have proven that there is a respectable platform where the sweet sound of tomorrow’s talent can be heard – at the Explosive Unsigned gig!


The second of Explosive Unsigned‘s popular talent gigs took place at the Loom in Central London on Sunday 15th May 2011 – organised and hosted by Explosive Event Management. After being left in awe following the first event I could not help but wonder if lightning would strike twice. I found myself eager once again to see the musical talents Richard had up his sleeve, and the music-hungry audience were not disappointed!

Introduced by comedian/actor Aatif Nawaz, a total of ten acts showcased their musical talent, and no-where else in London could you find a line-up so diverse as this. From hip-hop to rock, and R&B to operatic vocals – one-by-one the cream of today’s unsigned singers and musicians sang as if it was their last ever performance.


Last weekend’s brand new line-up of unsigned artists included: Ify Otuya, Andy Duerden, Marcos James, Kerrie Louise, Marika, Moses McGeorge, and Fear No Fish! These acts, although very different from each other, managed to intertwine successfully on the night – with the soulful voice of Marcos, the heavy rock sound of Fear No Fish, and the jaw-dropping operatic voice of Marika. But don’t take my word for it… Just click on their names to hear samples of their songs and, depending on which artist taps into your music taste, you even might find yourself becoming a fan!

But it’s not just about the singing. The point of this event is to give artists the platform and exposure they need to get noticed by the record industry, and there have already been some positive outcomes from the first gig!

Elliot Chapman, a singer who has been touted as the next Marvin Gaye, has since been referred to Universal and they are reportedly very interested in his potential. If that wasn’t enough, Elliot also has a photoshoot with an award winning photographer in studio (worth approx £2,000), AND a music video shoot lined up – which will soon be airing to an audience of around 1.74 million viewers, on a new music video programme called ‘Explosive‘. He will also be making a series of appearances on various UK radio stations.

Dolubu, another artist with a bright future ahead of her, also has a photoshoot with an award-winning photographer in studio, and has also be appeared on various radio stations.

South Finesse, a group with raw talent and the U.K.’s answer to the Black Eyed Peas, have been referred to a major record label. Like the previous two artists, they too have a photoshoot arranged for them, and they have featured on The Track of the Week on BBC Radio 1 by running into a BBC representative at their initial audition for Explosive Unsigned. The group have indeed had a busy couple of months, after also joining Tim Westwood‘s recent tour and the release of their latest track, Wanna Ride. A bunch of ace performers who potentially have a successful future ahead of them.

Other successes included Abstrakt and Scarletta, both of whom have appeared of various UK radio stations – which wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Explosive Unsigned.


Richard Andersone and his team are genuinely doing all they can to help undiscovered artists grab their spot in the record industry, and if their next event is anything like this one then I’m sure there will be a stampede of fresh new talent coming to a radio station and music store near you!


If you are interested in finding out more about these music stars of the future, get in touch with Explosive Unsigned via:



Phone: 0207 183 5057

Website: Explosive Unsigned




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