THE MONKEES Scrap Reunion Tour Due To “Internal Matters”!

By on 11 August, 2011


The Monkees have regrettably cut short their 45th anniversary tour dates in the U.S. due to a series of backstage disputes and ”group issues’‘!


The Daydream Believer hitmakers (made up of original members Micky Dolenz, 66, Peter Tork, 69, and Davy Jones, 65) have axed a number of U.S. tour dates, with organisers at one concert venue allegedly telling tabloid rag The Daily Mirror their show was called off because of “internal group issues and conflicts”.

Dolenz wrote on his Facebook page:

“Dear Fans and Friends, The Monkee Tour has, indeed, been cancelled but for reasons that I cannot discuss at this time. I can say that the reasons pertain to business and are internal matters.

“Needless to say, I am disappointed but the situation was unavoidable and I want to apologise to all the fans out there who will not be able to experience what was a wonderful show indeed. Regretfully, Micky (sic).”


The trio have denied reports they cut the concerts because the 66-year-old musician is going to rehab for substance abuse.

A statement on behalf of Dolenz read:

“Management booked dates with venues without running them by the group so we had to cancel the remaining dates. It has nothing to do with any sort of substance abuse whatsoever.”


The group, whose fourth original member Michael Nesmith did not rejoin the band for their latest shows, are no stranger to internal conflict. Tork was forced to quit their 35th anniversary tour in 2001 due to him being a recovering alcoholic.




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