Winehouse Goes Back To Old Habits For First Comeback Concert!

By on 19 June, 2011


Uh-ohhh…. Is Amy Winehouse going back to old habits? The singer she appeared drunk on stage in Belgrade on the opening night of her latest tour, and was booed off stage by a 20,000 strong audience!


Celebrity gossip mag Heat linked footage of the concert available on YouTube, which showed Winehouse unable to stand properly and repeatedly left the stage between numbers, leaving her band to pick up the pieces. The footage shows Winehouse being propped up by her guitarist and throwing her shoe at a backing singer. She also attempts a half-spoken version of Just Friends, and is unable to sing the words clearly.

Tabloid rag The Sun reported that the Rehab star had been under specific instructions not to drink, following her recently completed stint in The Priory addiction clinic, and her management have instructed hotel staff to remove all alcohol from rooms booked by Winehouse and her entourage. Hotel staff are also under strict orders not to deliver any room service drinks for the 12 date tour. It is also reported that doctors at The Priory gave her an ultimatum at the end of May – stop boozing or die!

The crowd at the concert made their anger known, as tickets were up to £40 in a country with one of the lowest wage averages in Europe. Bojan Petrovic, a 35-year old teacher from Belgrade, told AFP:

“I paid my weekly salary, 38 euros ($54) for this concert and I knew of her troubles, but the organisers should have cancelled it to let us, her fans, remember the real Amy.”

After the disastrous opening night, it’s not yet clear whether Winehouse will manage to honour the rest of her dates.

Very sad that she’s fallen off the wagon at this early stage in her comeback.





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