Without Louis Walsh, Is This The End For BOYZONE?

By on 13 June, 2011


Music mogul and UK ‘X Factor‘ judge Louis Walsh has dropped Irish manband BOYZONE due to low tour ticket sales, according to tabloid rag The News Of The World!


Walsh put the band together in the early 1990s and they have since sold more than 20 million records worldwide, despite a lengthy hiatus in the 2000s.

They made a comeback in 2007, but the band was hit by tragedy just two years later (2009) when band member Stephen Gately died suddenly at his home in Majorca, Spain.

The band embarked on a tour, named Brother, earlier this year (2011) but the it failed to generate the number of sell-out gigs they were hoping for. Some even believe Ronan Keating‘s affair with a dancer as the cause of fans turning their backs on the band. Believing that the band have had their time, allegedly, Walsh decided to cut his losses and break away as their manager.

A source tells the newspaper:

“Louis has told Boyzone they’re finished. Ronan doesn’t want to accept it but without Louis they have no chance. The affair changed everything for many fans. It destroyed the family-friendly image that made the band popular.

“They kept a diehard fanbase but the ‘Brother’ tour earlier this year wasn’t a big success. Louis didn’t bother seeing a single show. (They) just couldn’t compete with the Take That comeback and lots of tickets weren’t sold. So Louis decided it was the right time for the band to finish.”


Is it also time for them to call it a day on their career as a group?




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  1. Karen

    13 June, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    Louis Walsh has not been on the forefront of their managenent for years. He was not credited on either the recent album, nor their tour programme. He stopped being involved after Stephen died. They have been managed by Mark Plunkett who is also Ronan’s personal manager. He has been with them since 1994. It was him that acted as a pull bearer along with the Boyz at Stephen’s funeral. You ask if they can cope without Louis, well the answer is they have been doing it since they first got back together again. Ronan, Keith and Mark have been managing Boyzone – not Louis.

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