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Buster-Shuffle -Elvis-vs-Wag-Music-Video


What could be better in the UK at the moment – economy aside?


London is due to host the biggest party of the year with the Olympics, and of course the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee.

So while we embrace all that is British this 2012, why not add Buster Shuffle to your soundtrack of summer 2012! Don’t just take my word for it. Have a listen to one of their latest tracks, Elvis vs. Wag, which I’m sure will have your feet tapping away for the rest of the day!



This fantastic track is taken from their brand new album, Do Nothing, which is released on the 4th June, 2012. So if you’re  in search of some great tunes this summer, look no further than Buster Shuffle.  And you can catch them LIVE at the following venues:


12.06. London – 100 Club – Album Release Party

07.07 Brighton- Paddle Round The Pier
13.07  Northamptonshire- Vintage Festival

04.08. Derbyshire – Run To The Hills Scooter Rally
10.08 Strawberry Fields Festival- Leicestershire
12.08 One Love Festival – Kent

04.11 London Islington Academy (w/ Fishbone)

Stay tuned for an exclusive look back at Buster Shuffle‘s 2010 album, Our Night Out, from a brand new Tomorrow’s News blogger!



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  1. John Mackie

    4 July, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    Thanks for the great post! I’m a HUGE fan of SKA music, and this is right up my street. Thanks for the review.


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