BUSTER SHUFFLE – The Perfect Mix Of Nostalgia And Energy!

By on 13 June, 2012

Buster Shuffle, 100 Club


On a grey Tuesday in early June at the iconic music venue, London’s 100 club, Buster Shuffle were on the bill, and the anticipation for the East London SKA band to don the stage and rock out some of their toe tapping shoulder bopping tunes was tangible!


With reminders hanging from the wall of just how fundamental the venue has been for music on these isles, one could forgive anyone for feeling the nerves of playing here.

But with true East End swagger Buster Shuffle played confidently, but it must be said with a tactile respect for where they were and who had been there before them, and who will inevitably be there after them.


Buster Shuffle - Live at the 100 Club


Starting off with familiar tunes from the first record, including the bashful lyrics of I’ll Get My Coat, the band delivered what was expected. Jet Baker, the band’s leading man, played off and interacted with those in his band and in the crowd with an easy and genuine charm. The rest of the bank includes Terry Mascali (drums), Tim Connell (double bass), James Stickley (guitar and vocals), Peter Oags (keys), Deborah Bridgeman (backing vocals) and
Carrie Griffiths (backing vocals).


Buster Shuffle played a good balance of their new album mixed with some favourites from their debut album, Our Night Out,  to keep the crowd engaged and energised. They even threw in some covers of The Specials to get everyone stamping their feet and “rowing the boat” with their best ska dance moves.

The new album has the same high energy, simple and fun narrative led songs as the first album. Looking back, a definite maturity/growth from the first record was evident in the tracks.


Though the fundamental production and construction of the songs had a familiar feel, this familiarity created a sense of nostalgia which, mixed with the freshness of this energetic band, fronted by a young happy go lucky guy, added to the overall enjoyment and charm of the gig.

Baker showed effortless skill on the piano – at times playing with his feet. The cynics among us might roll our eyes at this showmanship, but his absolute lack of pretention only leaves you impressed with his talent and enthusiasm; you can’t help but like this guy!


The band’s energy was contagious and kept the crowd dancing throughout. The end of the set had the feel of a good old-fashioned East end knees up, and after the lights came up, everyone left the venue with a smile and a SKA spring in their step.


Review By: James Greenwood



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  1. Julien Lanschott

    8 August, 2012 at 10:56 am

    Saw Buster Shuffle in Germany this year. I had never heard of them until a friend offered me a ticket to go and see them live. I’m glad I did. Great music!

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