MICK JAGGER Defends High Prices For Comeback Gig!

By on 12 November, 2012

MICK JAGGER Defends The High Ticket Prices For The ROLLING STONES Comeback gig - The Latest Entertainment News Today!


Sir Mick Jagger has gone on record to defend the high ticket prices fans have paid for the upcoming Rolling Stones’ gigs in New Jersey and London!


The Jumpin’ Jack Flash hitmakers have faced criticism over the cost to see them live at one of the four gigs, with some tickets selling online for a whopping $1,600 (£1,000).

Guitarist Ronnie Wood previously justified the price by claiming it was costing the band “millions” to set up the stage, and now lead singer Jagger has also spoken out to explain that he makes no profit from fans re-selling tickets for more money.

He tells the UK’s Daily Express:

“We don’t participate in the profit. If a ticket costs 250 quid (pounds), let’s imagine, and goes for 1,000 quid, I just want to point out that we don’t get the difference.

“So yes, it is expensive. But most of the tickets go for a higher price than we’ve sold them for, so you can see the market is there.”


For those going to the gig later this month, how much did you end up paying? Have you paid more for concert tickets in the past?



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