ROBIN GIBB Denies He’s “At Death’s Door”!

By on 23 January, 2012

Celebrity News - Robin Gibb on his battle with cancer


BEE GEES star Robin Gibb has spoken out about his battle with colon and liver cancer to slam reports he’s been “at death’s door” – insisting the results of his chemotherapy sessions are “spectacular”!


The singer was hospitalised in November (2011) just weeks after he was treated for abdominal pains and inflammation of the colon. Further reports suggested he had been diagnosed with liver cancer, but Gibb refused to confirm this.

His spokesperson revealed last week (w/c 16th January, 2012) that the star is undergoing chemotherapy sessions, used to kill cancer cells – and now Gibb has addressed the ongoing speculation about his health.

In an interview with The Mail On Sunday, he says:

“For more than 18 months, I had lived with an inflammation of the colon; then I was diagnosed with colon cancer, which spread to the liver.

“I have undergone chemotherapy, however, and the results, to quote my doctor, have been ‘spectacular’. It’s taken a toll but the strange thing is that I’ve never felt seriously ill.

“There have been many false claims around, which I’d like to dispel. I am not and have never been at death’s door. Nor do I have a team of alternative doctors, although I’m not averse to healthy remedies. I feel they can go together with conventional medicine.

“I do eat health foods and drink herbal teas made for me by Dwina, my wife.”


Here’s hoping he makes full recovery!



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