ROXETTE Inspired By OASIS To Write Hit Song!

By on 4 July, 2012

Roxette inspired by OASIS - Latest Entertainment News


Swedish pop duo Roxette have admitted they were inspired to write one of their biggest hits, Sleeping in my Car, by none other than British rock band Oasis!


The It Must Have Been Love hitmakers, Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, were fans of Britpop and grunge, and one of their most recognisable tracks, 1994’s Sleeping in My Car, was written trying to replicate the big sound of bands like Oasis.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz Gessle said:

“When we did the ‘Crash! Boom! Bang!’ album we went to the record company and they said, ‘We love it, but we can’t hear an up-tempo first single’ and I was really p****d, because we had some great songs on that, so I went home and wrote ‘Sleeping in My Car’, and it was like an Oasis thing, I was really into Oasis, and I loved Nirvana’s albums.”


The rise of grunge and Britpop had an effect on Roxette‘s career at the time, and the duo later both went their separate ways to pursue solo albums before reuniting in 2009 to record and tour again.

Gessle recalls:

“Of course [that music] killed art like ours and that whole era, Richard Marx and stuff, but that’s the way it should be and I don’t have any problem with that.

“But y’know, we’re still here and talking and making records, playing live and selling out stadiums, so we must be


Roxette‘s latest tour has spanned over 100 different cities, which includes venues such as the UK’s Manchester Arena (tonight – 4th July, 2012), Birmingham’s LG Arena on Friday (6th July, 2012) and Ireland’s O2 venue in Dublin on the 9th July, 2012.



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