CHRIS EVANS Chooses To Avoid Gay Bars.

By on 7 January, 2009

Has one of Hollywood’s best known stars (and with a huge gay fanbase) put his foot in his mouth?

FANTASTIC FOUR star Chris Evans is forced to avoid nights out with his gay brother….in case the press begin to speculate about his own sexuality.

The actor’s younger brother, Scott, is openly homosexual, and often asks the star to join him on outings to gay bars. But Evans admits he is forced to decline the invitations, because he fears a photograph of him at a gay club could spark rumours which would haunt him forever. Okaaayy…obviously they wouldn’t think he’d just be out with his openly gay brother?

He says:

“I’m down with the gays. Mostly I’m hanging out with (my brother) and his gay buddies, who are f**king hilarious. They’re the funniest people I know. They’ve invited me out to gay bars before, and I said, ‘Look, guys, I’ve got to draw the line there.’ That’s where a photo will get taken, it will run in magazines, and before you know it, I’ll be living down the gay rumour for the rest of my life.”

Now I always thought that if someone was happy with his sexuality that it wouldnt matter where he’s seen? Maybe I have a simplistic view of life…


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