CHRISTINA AGUILERA Reveals Battle With Depression.

By on 11 June, 2010

Christina Aguilera is well known for being one of the the most successful singers of our generation, but very few reveal the other side to their performance façade.

In a recent ‘Behind The Music‘ special for VH1, the multi-platinum artist opened up about her struggle with depression, insisting her feelings of sadness are “always right below the surface”.

The Hurt hitmaker spoke candidly about the disorder, admitting she’s found creative inspiration in her darkest moments of depression.

She says:

“I do battle with depression. It’s something that is always right below the surface. And it’s almost seductive to go to a place of sadness and darkness… I’m truly thankful for the darkest times in my life.

“I definitely don’t choose the safe way of living or expressing myself but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Behind the Music: Christina Aguilera is set to air in the U.S this Sunday (13th June 2010) on VH1 .

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