CHRISTINA APPLEGATE Creates Jewellery For Cancer Charity.

By on 28 September, 2010

Breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate has turned jewellery designer to raise funds for charities helping to battle the disease.

The pregnant ‘Samantha Who? star has teamed up with gem designer Alex Woo to create a new pendant necklace to raise money for her Right Action for Women foundation.

She tells the jewellery she has helped to create:

“..reminds me so much of the roses I made out of ribbons for my friends and family while in the hospital.

“I am so grateful to Alex for creating such a beautiful piece to benefit Right Action for Women. Proceeds from the necklace will help women at high risk for breast cancer get the screenings and testing they need to be at this disease.”

The pendant, available in gold and silver, features a tree and branches design. If you’re interested in purchasing one (or a couple) then please click on the link below:

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