Doherty Devastated Over Dad’s Death.

By on 9 November, 2010

Actress Shannon Doherty is in mourning following the death of her beloved father last Friday (5th November 2010).

The former ‘Beverly Hills 90210‘ star’s dad John Thomas Doherty, known as Tom, passed away following a long battle with ill health. He was 66.

In a statement, she says:

“I love him with every inch of my being and cannot imagine life without him.”

Earlier this year, Doherty revealed she was spurred on to compete in TV talent show Dancing with the Stars after her father suffered a stroke.

She revealed:

“He lost his speech, he wasn’t mobile. He was really struggling… When I mentioned this to him, he got really excited, and he wanted me to do it. I thought, if my dad can fight through having a stroke and the loss of being able to communicate, I think I can do this for him. So I figured I’m going to get over my fear for him…”

It’s not easy to loose a parent, even though you know they’re not going to be around forever. Still…that doesn’t make the loss any easier. I know this from experience.

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