Elwes Hits Tax Troubles!

By on 15 November, 2010

Actor Cary Elwes is reportedly in trouble with U.S. tax officials after failing to hand over more than $68,000 (£45,300) in back payments.

The ‘SAW‘ star and his wife Lisa were hit with a tax lien by bosses at America’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in September this year.

The papers, filed at the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds office and obtained by The Detroit News, claim the couple owes $68,648 (£45,765).

I’m baffled! How is it some stars seem to fall into this mess? It’s not as if they don’t have the money, so like everyone else…we all have to pay taxes!

So I can only guess that either people spend way more than they earn, or they don’t understand the tax system? Still, with all that money, wouldn’t you want to hire someone who DOES know about how to complete the relevant payments / paperwork?

As I said…I’m baffled! :/

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