Hall Says Jagger “Replaced Drug Addiction With Sex”!

By on 6 September, 2010

Former supermodel Jerry Hall has revealed details about her troubled marriage to Sir Mick Jagger in her new book, blaming the ROLLING STONES singer’s affairs for their woes.

Hall met the rocker in 1977 and they married in 1990 but she admits their relationship was doomed early on when Jagger began cheating on her with a string of other females.

She insists Jagger was a “sexual predator” who replaced a drug addiction with sex and “could not help indulging himself with other women”.

In her forthcoming autobiography, My Life in Pictures, the Texan writes:

“Although I loved him and he swore undying love for me, I felt very unsure of him. I had weaned him off drugs, but they had been replaced by sex. (By 1979) Mick wasn’t touring and had too much time on his hands. He started going out a lot without me.

“He would say he had a meeting and then call to say it was running late.. He had been linked with several girls in the gossip columns, but he denied it, of course.”

Hall was married to Jagger in an unofficial Balinese ceremony in 1990, but their common-law union was annulled in 1999.

Reading her words, it would seem that her version closely matches the playboy-esque lifestyle he led. But I wasn’t there and probably you (the reader) weren’t there either, which means we only have her version to go by. No-one truly knows what’s going on behind closed doors, except the people involved.

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