Jackson Family – “Please Don’t Use MJ’s Name For Money!”

By on 25 June, 2010

On the first anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson it’s inevitable that there will be tributes all over the world, but some are using this time to ‘cash in’ on his name…and the Jackson Family have had enough – TMZ reports.

A document, signed by Joseph Jackson, Chairman, and Katherine Jackson, Vice Chairman, warns fans by stating:

“Please, do not … Use the ‘Jackson Family” name ‘The Jackson Family Foundation’ or ‘Michael Jackson’ as a means to advertise the sale of commercial products, fundraisers or services of any kind.”

 Despite Michael being their son, they themselves also do not have the right to exploit his name and likeness. That right belongs solely and exclusively to the estate of Michael Jackson. TMZ have discovered that Joe Jackson has created a company that may well be cashing in on Thriller star’s name. It’s called the Jackson Development & Marketing Corporation, incorporated in Nevada last December, conveniently after Michael died. His father is listed as the director and Lowell Henry, a longtime financial advisor of Joe and Katherine, is the treasurer. No smoke without fire, eh?

If that wasn’t enough, Joe seems to be at the centre of an ‘unauthorised’ memorial party (charging $500 a ticket) which apparently has been confirmed by his spokesperson that all monies will go to charity. However, voiceplate.com (sponsors of the event) have told TMZ that not all the money will go to charity.


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