Jean Slams Penn And Pras For Haiti Jibe!

By on 6 September, 2010

Hip-hop star Wyclef Jean has hitback at his former bandmate PRAS and actor Sean Penn during a concert in New York, for attacking him over his Haiti presidential bid.

The former Fugees star was slammed by Oscar-winner Penn when he first announced his dream of becoming his native country’s new leader last month, in the wake of the devastating earthquake in January.

Penn, who has been at the forefront of the relief effort, criticised Jean’s apparent absence from his homeland, saying:

“It would be nice if he visited once and awhile (sic).”

But Jean has now responded to the latest war of words with Penn, using his appearance at Hot 97’s On The Reggae Tip gig in the Big Apple on Friday to slate the star.

Changing the words to his 2004 song President, Jean sang:

“I got a message for Sean Penn: Maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine.”

And Jean also blasted former Fugees pal Pras, who backed another candidate to take on the job instead of his former co-star, adding:

“I got a message for Praswell (sic), even though you don’t want to support me, I got love for you, even though you only kicked 8 bars in the Fugees.”

Jean was ruled out of the upcoming November elections in Haiti after it was decided he failed to meet residency requirements.

What’s with all this bitching? The fact that a country needs help is the main thing.

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