Kelsey Grammer Forgives SHAMEFUL Hoaxer!

By on 10 June, 2010

Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has offered forgiveness to an internet hoaxer after she tricked him into thinking she was a British soldier killed in battle.

The actor struck up a friendship with Lauren Chalmers (a Scottish tweeter) last month on after she claimed to be stationed in Afghanistan.

They kept in regular contact after she asked him for an autographed picture, with Grammer sending 28-year-old Chalmers, known online as Kirkcaldy2010, messages of support.

Last week (3rd June 2010) he was devastated after being given the sad news she had been ‘killed’ in an explosion and told his followers on the site:

“Kirk caldy2010 KIA (killed in action) Afghanistan she was only 28. She was planning a trip to Broadway. I had reserved tickets for her.
“We owe Kirkcaldy2010 our freedom, she died for us in Afghanistan… Was so humbled and honoured to help in any way. I did not know her but I adored her.”

Heartbroken Grammer even uploaded a message said to be from her mother which read:

“She was killed last night (by an) IED (improvised explosive device). Know she was fan of yours for many years. Know she was happy.”

But reporters from The Scottish Sun newspaper who were looking into Chalmers’ story subsequently discovered she was alive and well, living at home in Fife, Scotland.

And the expose prompted her to confess all to Grammer via Twitter:

“I will go now, just wanted u to know, thank you for advice and forgiveness and 2nd chance. I will pray regularly thank u again.”

Grammer responded with:

“May you ask God for forgiveness. I have forgiven you for this mess.”

Shamed Chalmers told the newspaper:

“I have apologised to him profoundly. I want to make it better. My parents are going to throw me out of the house. I can’t even describe to you how bad I feel. I’m an idiot.”

This is a tragic situation, not for Chalmers, more so for all the soldiers who really are serving in Afganistan and are giving their lives for our freedom. Obviously this hoax was done in the most tasteless form possible, even if there was regret in the aftermath.

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