Lumley Urges Fellow Pensioners Not To” Let Themselves Go”!

By on 30 July, 2010

British actress Joanna Lumley‘s message to pensioners is loud and clear – “not to let themselves go” when they approach / step over their 60s!

The 64 year old former Bond Girl / Avenger is still hailed as a beauty and challenges herself with adventures – most recently fronting a campaign to help veteran Gurkha soldiers stay in the U.K. and making a travel documentary about the River Nile.

And Lumley insists women in their twilight years no longer have to be the “cardigan-wearing grannies” people expect them to be.

Speaking to Good Housekeeping magazine, she says:

“I love it. It doesn’t feel like I’m 60, though. It’s so strange. You think, ‘Is this it? How odd!’

“But I do think there’s something else underlying this. When I was young, grandmothers looked like grey, permed, cardigan-wearing grannies! Whereas our lot still rush to and fro, climbing mountains in whatever we do.

“It’s really just about keeping a grip on things: don’t let yourself go , don’t pack it all in. We have a saying in our profession, ‘Just stay in the boat.’ You should keep on going for as long as you like.”

And younger generations needn’t feel left out, as the ‘Absolutely Fabulous star has pearls of wisdom for you:

“Worrying about the future saps your energy and makes you nervous – and quite often the thing you’re worrying about doesn’t work out as you expect it will!

“In life we always expect things to happen at a certain time – to fall in love when we’re 21, be a success in our job in our 30s and retire when we’re 60. But you can never tell!”

Amen, Joanna!

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