Morgan Freeman IS Alive!

By on 17 December, 2010

Fans of Morgan Freeman were sent into a panic on yesterday after a respected news organisation mistakenly tweeted that the Hollywood star had died!

America’s CNN released an update on Twitter stating:

“Breaking News: actor Morgan Freeman has passed away in his Burbank home.”

The message prompted an outpouring of notes of condolences and tributes to the star and his family.

However, the legendary actor’s pal Peter Shankman put a stop to the shocking claims, replying to CNN‘s message and insisting Freeman “was – and is – very much alive”.

The news giant took down the message shortly afterwards and allegedly confirmed the tweet was a “mistake”.

In an apparent twist of events, CNN‘s twitter feed now mentions:

CNN did not report Morgan Freeman death. Rumor is false. CNN will aggressively investigate this hoax.”

What’s going on, CNN??

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