Nolan Waiting For All-Clear After Cancer Treatment.

By on 25 August, 2010

Bernie Nolan is nearing the end of her chemo treatment and is eagerly awaiting the all-clear from her doctor.

The 49-year-old I’m in the Mood for Dancing singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in April this year, and began undergoing sessions of chemotherapy to treat it.

Now Nolan hopes she’s winning her health battle after completing the majority of her six-week program, according to her sister Maureen.

She tells OK! magazine:

“(Bernie’s) reducing the tumour the whole time. She went home this week and has one day of chemotherapy left. I watched her on (British TV show) GMTV with her bald head and I had such a lump in my throat. I thought if you were at home and you were battling cancer, it would really help to see her and her positive attitude. She’s inspirational.”

And Bernie is making such good progress, doctors recently allowed her to travel to Spain to attend Maureen‘s wedding.

Bernie says:

“It was touch and go whether the doctors would let me go. Thankfully they said yes. It was a magical day and one I am so glad I did n’t miss. I felt very emotional and so proud of my beautiful big sis.”

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