Paltrow’s Rep Dismisses Madonna Feud.

By on 10 June, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow’s rep has dismissed recent reports the actress has fallen out with her pal Madonna, as ongoing rumours surface regarding the pair’s friendship and that it ended in a bitter feud.

The longtime bosom buddies have been spending more time apart since the ‘Like A Virgin singer left London and moved back to America..following her 2008 split from former husband Guy Ritchie.

Speculation about a rift between the pair was recently fuelled when Paltrow admitted she has been experiencing problems with a friend – despite her not actally naming one of the many friends that she has.

She told Britain’s Vogue magazine:

“I can be mean. I can cave in to gossip. I can ice people out and I can definitely harbour revenge. In fact, I’m having a situation right now with a friend where I’m feeling angry.”

But a rep for the Iron Man star is stressing that Paltrow’s comments were not aimed at Madonna, insisting the pair are still close.

The spokesperson tells

“(It’s) not true. (They are) still friends!”

…while a rep for Madonna has also dismissed the stories as “BS. (bulls**t).”

Now all the tabloids can rest.. Can’t they?

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