Sheen’s Manager Attacks Mueller’s Divorce Claims!

By on 3 November, 2010

Charlie Sheen‘s manager has responded to allegations the actor filed divorce papers without estranged wife Brooke Mueller‘s consent, suggesting the star tried to “reach out” to his former partner before he submitted the documents.

Mueller was reportedly furious when she discovered the ‘Two and a Half Men‘ star had filed the papers on Monday (1st November 2010) without consulting her, with her lawyer, Sorrell Trope, claiming, “Charlie humiliated Brooke.”

The pair had reportedly agreed not to file for divorce until next year as Mueller “didn’t want to make trouble for Charlie” amid his ongoing personal problems. The actor recently spent time in rehab as a result of their Christmas Day fight last year, and hit headlines last month following a meltdown at a New York hotel.

But Sheen‘s manager Mark Burg is adamant the star was fully entitled to file the papers – and questions the real motives of Mueller‘s lawyer.

He tells

“Charlie tried to reach out to Brooke and left her a message before filing for divorce. It’s a shame that this ambulance chaser (accident victim lawyer) is trying to drum up more business because this divorce was finalised and agreed upon six months ago.”

And Burg has urged all parties involved to think about the former couple’s twin sons, Bob and Max, in the ongoing divorce drama:

“Shouldn’t everyone involved be more concerned about the two young children?”

The dispute continues…

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