BOY GEORGE Looking Forward To His 50th Birthday This Summer?

By on 9 February, 2011

Singer Boy George is already planning his 50th birthday party for later this year – because he always forgets to invite some friends to his bashes.

The former Culture Club frontman (due to reunite in 2012) reaches the half-a-century milestone in June 2011 and he’s hoping to gather all his loved ones together to celebrate his big day.

Speaking to the Loose Women TV panel, he says: 

“I want to have a party when I’m 50 but I want to try and have all the people I know there because a lot of my parties have about five people there.

“50, I want to do something where I actually remember to invite everyone I love. I’m happy for people to gatecrash!”

Just say when, and I’m there! 🙂

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