CHRIS EVANS Feeling “Guilty” Over His Sexy GUCCI Advert?

By on 19 December, 2011

Chris Evans says his pals give him a “hard time” over his steamy Gucci adverts, which also featured Evan Rachel Wood for the fashion house’s Guilty Intense fragrance!


The ‘Captain America‘ star stripped off to appear in the ads for the fragrance ad alongside the stunning actress and admits this gave his friends an excuse to tease him over it.

Speaking to People magazine, he said:

“My buddies in Boston give me a hard time.

“But I love that girl. We hit it off right away. We had to roll around naked together, so it very easily could have become awkward and difficult, but we just laughed the whole time.”


Evans insists he agreed to become the face of Guilty Intense because smelling good has always been important to him.

He added:

“Even if I’m in my T-shirt and jeans, I’ll make sure I smell good. I used to use my dad’s colognes. It’s not too classy what I was dousing myself with, but I always made sure I used something.”


Gucci Guilty Intense is a deeper version of the sensual original, and features notes of orange flower, Italian lemon, patchouli and amber in the men’s scent, and mandarin, pink pepper, lilac and patchouli in the women’s eau de parfum. Sound nice?

Whatever anyone else thinks of it, Evans says he likes it (which isn’t a mind-blowing revelation)!

“I like it. Thank god – wouldn’t that be horrible if it smelled terrible?”



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