Designer Wants Sir Elton Album Artwork Back!

By on 24 May, 2011


So, imagine you commission an artist for a piece of work you have in mind, and the deal is sealed and delivered. Is it then right for the artist to try to reclaim his work? That’s exactly what happened to Sir Elton John, where the artist who designed the iconic cover for his album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road has asked the singer to return the original picture!


Ian Beck was paid $688 (£430) for his artwork which was used on the sleeve of the classic 1973 record and, despite being paid for it, he now has for his original illustration to be returned to him – clearly convinced that the Rocket Man hitmaker is still in possession of it.

He tells Britain’s Daily Mail:

“I did the cover for Elton’s label Rocket Records. Elton loved it and it was a very successful album… I think Elton kept the cover work… So if you are listening, Elton, I would like the Yellow Brick Road back, please, because I created it.”


A spokesman for Sir Elton tells the newspaper:

“I have no idea whether Elton has it, but presumably if he does, he paid for it so it is his; £430 was a hell of a lot of money back then. A bit weird, isn’t it, to ask for something back 38 years later?”


Each to their own, I guess?




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