EMILY BLUNT Confused By Casting Decision For YSL Advert!

By on 21 December, 2011

Emily Blunt has said she can’t understand why she was hired to front a campaign for Yves Saint Laurent‘s Opium fragrance, believing the French fashion house had made a mistake!


The ‘Muppets‘ actress said she looked “so un-French” in the advert and can’t understand why she was asked to star in a campaign for their Opium fragrance, which saw her dodging a leopard while wearing towering high-heeled shoes.

She said:

“God, I’m so un-French in that trailer.”


When asked why she was invited to front the campaign, she added:

“I don’t know. I’ve no idea. Perhaps there was no one else?

“They made a mistake, a terrible mistake.”


But despite her reservations, Emily admitted she finally said yes to the campaign after years of turning down beauty advertisement offers because she liked the “aura of scandal”.

“I think that I’ve been wanting to make sure that when I did it would be the right thing,”  she explains.

“There’s such an aura of scandal around this perfume that I was quite attached to the idea of doing it from the word go. I’d been asked to do a couple of things but none were as classy as this. And I got to work with a leopard.?”


The ‘Adjustment Bureau‘ star also revealed she wanted to wear a flowing gown instead of a tuxedo in the advert, but was advised it would send the leopard “crazy”.

She tells the Daily Telegraph newspaper:

“I got word back that the leopard trainer says, ‘If you have flowing fabric around the leopard the leopard will go crazy .’ So I said yes to the tux.”


French or not, Emily looks stunning in the advert – a huge thumbs up from Tomorrow’s News!


If you haven’t seen the ad yet, have a look at the behind-the-scenes featurette and the actual advert below:




Full Advert



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