Franco Deletes Twitter Account After Upsetting Sponsors!

By on 4 April, 2011

Actor James Franco was forced to close down his Twitter page after upsetting corporate sponsors with his online posts!

The ‘127 HoursOscar nominee joined the social-networking site earlier this year (2011) and attracted plenty of attention with his tweets, which included a swipe at Oscars writer Bruce Vilanch, after he reportedly criticized Franco‘s Academy Awards hosting gig.

But the actor has now deleted his account after revealing not everyone enjoyed reading his blog.

He tells

“Social media is over… My thought was ‘This is my Twitter. I can do whatever I want.’ But certain companies I work with contacted me about what I was saying.”

And Franco admits taking a break from cyberspace may well boost his creativity, adding:

“If you want to write, make the time. We all have an hour or two a day that can be used for surfing Facebook or writing. No one is going to beg any new writer to write.”

He’ll be missed!

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