Jones Rules Out Grace Kelly Biopic!

By on 7 March, 2011

Mad Men beauty January Jones has ruled out ever portraying Grace Kelly in a movie biopic, because she’s convinced it mean the end of her career!

The actress has frequently been compared to the legendary Hollywood star but she’s determined never to step into her shoes for a movie role, because Kelly is too well known to movie fans.

Speaking to The Times newspaper, Jones says:

“I’ve been offered a couple of TV movies playing Grace Kelly and there was no way I would touch them with a seven foot pole. It would be career suicide. No one would watch them and come away saying anything other than, ‘She’s so not Grace Kelly.’

“Cate Blanchett got it right as Katharine Hepburn, but generally it doesn’t matter how much you look like that person or how good an actor you are, it’s impossible.”

She may say no now, but there are times when money shouts the loudest! Some things are just meant to happen.

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