MEL GIBSON’s Gay Brother Speaks About “Coming Out”.

By on 21 July, 2011


Mel Gibson‘s gay brother, Andrew Gibson, has revealed details about the day he “came out” to his adoptive family in a revealing interview with the Globe magazine!


The Sydney-based insurance agency executive, 43, admits his father was stunned when he told the truth about his sexuality – but his actor brother Mel was always supportive.

He says:

“When I told my dad, he cried and blamed himself… That broke my heart.

“Mel just said, ‘It’s not my choice, but I love you and you’re my brother.'”


Such is the bond between the two siblings that Andrew has also been standing up for his older brother – especially in recent years as the Hollywood star’s reputation took a hammering following an anti-Semitic outburst at a cop during a DUI arrest and the breakdown of his roller-coaster romance with Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva.

He reveals that he was shocked by the news reports detailing his brother’s DUI arrest in 2006, stating:

“When I heard them, I just thought, ‘That isn’t Mel. He has never said anything abusive, aggressive or racist in his life’.”


Andrew also spoke of his upset that Mel is no longer married to longtime wife Robyn (the mother of his seven kids) insisting she was “the most important thing in that family” and added;

“She held it together… looked after Mel.”


Awww…isn’t it sweet the way they look out for each other, in spite of the bad press Mel has received of late.




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