MERYL STREEP To Publish Book Of Unused OSCAR Speeches?

By on 21 December, 2011


Meryl Streep is apparently thinking about publishing a book of the 14 acceptance speeches from the Academy Awards, all of which she never got to use!


The 62-year-old actress has been nominated for an OSCAR 16 times in her career, but has only won twice – first in 1979 for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Kramer Vs Kramer‘ and again in 1982 when she picked up Best Actress gong for ‘Sophie’s Choice‘. However ‘The Devil Wears Prada‘ star admits she is always ready in case she does take home the honour.

She tells Empire Magazine:

“I sit there every year with a speech. I’ve got 14 speeches I’ve never given. They’re all really good.

“One day I’ll put them in a book.”


Despite her multiple nominations, Streep, who is tipped to be shortlisted for Best Actress next year for her role in ‘The Iron Lady‘, is still surprised when she receives recognition.

In 2010 Streep was nominated for Best Actress for her portrayal of chef Julia Childs in ‘Julie and Julia‘, and she recalls:

“When I was nominated last year I thought, ‘I’m so old and they’re still doing this. This is amazing.’

“I think the Academy sort of parcels things out; ‘You’ve had enough’. And I get that sense from the aggregate fellowship of my colleagues. You know, ‘Sit down!’.”



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