OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN Scraps Autobiography Plans.

By on 21 December, 2011


Singer/Actress Olivia Newton-John has decided to scrap plans to write an autobiography, after opting to keep certain aspects of her life private to herself!


The ‘Xanadu‘ star has been busy jotting notes for a tell-all book, but after reflecting on the material she was about to release, she has decided to shelve the project.

In an interview with tabloid rag The Sun, she says:

“I have written things down for an autobiography, but have scrapped it.

“I’ve decided that, living in the public eye, there’s so little of my life that has been mine over the years. I want to keep what is left to myself.”


The book aside, she took the opportunity to set the record straight regarding the alleged reports that she had a fling with John Travolta while they were filming the 70’s hit big screen musical ‘Grease‘, confirming there was no truth to the speculation.

She states:

“There was a lot of gossip about John and I having a relationship. The fact I was in the middle of a pretty long break-up with Lee Kramer (her former boyfriend and manager) at the time made it even worse. 

“The truth was we were just good friends and used to hang around together, going for drinks or a meal. But there was nothing in it.”

“He still remains a friend today. It was the same with Cliff Richard when we worked together in London in the 1970s. We connected in a great way. He was — and is — a lovely man.”



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