Osbourne Leaves Sick Bed For Dress Fitting!

By on 14 January, 2011

No-one could accuse Kelly Osbourne of not knowing her priorities in life, because latest reports are suggesting she has defied doctor’s orders to recover from illness in bed by attending a dress fitting for the upcoming Golden Globes ceremony! Recovering in bed, or a dress fitting? Hmm…. tough call!

The rock offspring fell sick with a vomiting bug on the set of her new movie ‘So Undercover‘ earlier this month, and her symptoms became so severe that medics put her on an intravenous drip to replenish fluids.

After battling on with her hectic schedule, Osbourne has fallen ill again, and was ordered to rest in bed for 24 hours by her physician yesterday (13th January 2011). But an ailing Osbourne refused to miss a fitting with designer Zac Posen, who is lending her a gown for the glitzy Hollywood ceremony this Sunday (16th January 2011).

In a series of posts on her Twitter page, she writes:

“Just got really sick again and the doc put me on bed rest for the next 24 hours.

“Had to get out of bed to do a fitting for the Golden Globes! I’m wearing a Zac Posen Paris runway dress that is out of this world amazing!”

And the star later admitted that fitting into a runway-ready dress has helped cheer her up:

“So sick but fitting into a Zac Posen runway dress world’s best medicine about.”

Alls well that ends well, eh?

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